70 Day Testing

The 70-Day Stallion Test is designed for stallions aged 3-6 years old. However, there are no age limits for participation. It is designed to provide breeders with valuable information regarding the stallion’s character, rideability, and athletic ability while they are still young and have not had the chance to prove themselves in sport. By completing the testing at a young age, stallions can be evaluated for use in breeding before they are old enough to have a competition career, thus helping to progress the breeding of the modern day sporthorse in a more expedient fashion. By finalizing the lifetime breeding licenses early, the focus can then be put solely on the competition career of the stallion and the breeding licenses serve as an “insurance policy” of sorts ensuring that even in the case of unforeseen circumstances or injury, the breeding licenses are already secure. Completion of the testing also allows the stallion to apply for and acquire as many breeding licenses as possible to financially support the competition and breeding career. This testing is judged on a bell curve and stallions receive an index score in Rideability/Gaits, Jumping, and Overall. Stallions aged five years old and older will receive a five percent penalty on their final index scores. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is my stallion eligible for the 70-Day Test?

Yes. There are no pre-qualifications for entering the Stallion Test. However, we recommend that you contact the breed registries that you are interested in receiving a breeding license with regarding possible approval pending successful completion of the Stallion Test.

How much does it cost and what does that include?

The cost of 70-Day Test is $9,500. That includes board, training, and all of the vet exams involved in the Stallion Test. It does not include farrier, vet visits/treatments/meds due to illness or injury, body-clipping, or mane pulling. However, we understand the amount of expense involved with sending a stallion to the Test, so we work hard to limit outside expenses for the stallion owners.

What supplies do I need to send with my stallion?

Stallions must arrive with the following documents/supplies:

Testing Contract, Coggins, EVA test, Statement of Health Form, and Credit Card Form

Original Papers or Passport (no scores will be issued without original papers and FACILITY reserves the right to refuse admittance into the Test if original papers are not provided)

Tack – bridle with flash noseband, 2 leather halters, lead, bit (jointed mouthpiece with either loose ring, eggbutt, or D-ring), 2 schooling saddle pads, set of standing wraps and bandages Blankets – winter blanket, stable blanket, cooler

Leg protection – Eskadron type jumping boots front and back, set of polo wraps, washable turn- out boots, bell boots

Grooming box – brushes, curry comb, hoof pick, tail brush, hoof oil, fly spray, detangler, shampoo

Printed inventory of items

If stallions do not arrive with the necessary items, the facility reserves the right to purchase the necessary items and charge the stallion owner. Facility will not be responsible for providing items on the list.

Am I allowed to come and visit my stallion?

Absolutely. We have an open door policy. During the testing period, stallion owners are not allowed to ride, handle, or make training suggestions to preserve the integrity of the testing process. However, stallion owners are welcome to visit during the testing process. Please contact the testing facility with expected arrival time to ensure the stallion has not already been worked for the day.

Do all the stallions have the same training program?

No. We view the stallions as individuals and tailor their daily training according to their level of fitness, health, experience, personality, and talent. There is not a set program or schedule for each training week. We are flexible to meet the needs of each stallion in order to reach the highest level of fitness and ability within the testing time period.

What breed registries accept the 70-Day Stallion Test results for licensing?

Registries that accept the Stallion Test results include, but are not limited to:

  • American Hanoverian Society/German Hanoverian Verband
  • German Oldenburg Verband
  • RheinlandPfalz-Saar International/Sत嵴schreitpferdeVerband
  • sBs
  • American Holsteiner Horse Association
  • ISR/OldNA

Other breed registries accept the Stallion Test results for licensing, but may not be present during the final judging days and licensing day. Please contact any registries directly, including those on this list, for inquiries regarding acceptance of results and presentation for licensing.